Writing Entry 3: Personal Growth

Tonight’s session of my Resident Life Leadership class was inspired by the topic of Personal Growth. Personally, out of the four topics we will be discussing within the four weeks, Personal Growth, is by far the most difficult one to accomplish. It’s a longer process to complete. It’s about me. In order to get to where we are going, we need to know where we are. It was very insightful and we were challenged to recognize bits and pieces of us that we don’t usually work with as often as we should. It was incredible to be tested on my personality and leadership skills as a person. We are attempting to become Resident Advisers; therefore, it’s important we know ourselves and the journey we want to partake in so we are confident in guiding other residents on the same individual path to discovery.

I didn’t really connect discovery to blogging/journals, but I’m focusing on the positive parts that it brings out in myself. I am able to express myself far better than I ever could verbally. Words are scattered in my brain and the pressure of someone listening to your every sound is intimidating.

We were given the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which includes:

Physiological needs: air, water, shelter, and sleep
Safety and security
Love and belonging-ness
Self esteem
Self actualization

This is something that seems so basic and simple, but is an honest interpretation of how we personally analyze and partake in the growth we desire from ourselves. In order to have self actualization we must encounter self esteem first. We cannot help someone unless we can help ourselves. We would only be considered hypocrites if we put aside our esteem but were able to uplift another. They lose trust and confidence in us with the omission of allowing them to see our faults.

Tonight we were fortunate enough to examine our positive attributes. We were able to realize that happiness is now. Happiness isn’t something we receive when we become successful; we are successful when we are happy.

This video of Shawn Achor talking about the connection happiness has to the brain is very empowering. (earlier post)


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