Writing Entry 4: The Mountains We Climb

Writing Entry 4: The Mountains We Climb

“They” say high school is to prepare us for college. All I know is there is nothing that could ever prepare us for our future. We could plan ahead, take classes from professionals, or prepare for the worse –> but in the end, it’s never truly enough. What’s college without mountains to climb? Even more so, what’s life without mountains to climb? My picture above is a stunning picture of what lies all around me. Mountains are everywhere and they are inevitable. If you live in Kansas and are saying “We don’t have them.” You’re wrong. I’m not talking about mountains.

I’ve had a few “mountains” to climb to say the least. I remember telling myself almost seven years ago that I was always going to be known as the girl who lost her mother to leukemia at the age of 12. I’d like to believe I’m more than that now. I won’t lie. I was devastated by my mother’s death, but I didn’t refuse to climb over that mountain –> even though I believed it was impossible at the time. I’ve taken small steps and I’ve made plenty of stops along the way. I’ve even slid back down, but I somehow made it back up.

I miss my mother everyday. I think of all the mountains I would climb just to have her in my life again, but I’ve come to realize that no amount of mountains in the world to climb would ever make the possible. She’s gone. And I have to tell myself that every once and a while and let reality sink back in.

I’m proud of the mountains I’ve climb and all the many to come. It’s worth every breath.


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