Writing Entry 8: Who You’d Be Today

This time of the year I sit and I ponder. I forget everything around me and I just wonder. I wonder who you’d be today. Who I’d be today. What our world would be today if you still dazzled it with your presence. It’s been seven years. I’ve often thought of the number seven being my lucky number. Maybe it’s the reason I haven’t shed a full tear today. Maybe it’s the reason I finally feel like this is the start of a new feeling. I never pictured myself forgetting you. I always thought I’d have every memory in it’s complete form permanently written in my heart. That’s not the case, because sometimes I frantically try to escape back to a time where you were tangible just to regain the memory. They say time heals and time forgets. With most things in life that would be a blessing, but with you it’s my living nightmare. It’s my one fear.

Please Oh God Please.

Don’t let time forget.



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