The Little Things.

November appears to be the month of gratefulness. People are reminded of the little things that get them through the day. Friends on Facebook have posted their daily thankful thoughts, as have I. It really put things into perspective. The little things really do matter.

Sometimes I believe it’s so much easier just to take things for granted then to spend any time truly realizing how important they are. We as people go about our lives day to day without any recognition of what gets us through. I am so blessed to have what I have. I do believe that life has a funny way of helping us realize how good we really have it by taking away certain things from us. I will never truly understand why I lost my mother, but sometimes I find myself thanking God for making me the person that I am today by the trials and struggles and blessings that I have been given. That includes losing my mother. And having a homosexual father. And standing strongly in my beliefs. 

I don’t want to live a perfect life and never have a single struggle. Because I believe that these struggles have helped me discover my identity. My personality is mainly based from the jumps and hoops I’ve had to overcome.

I’m thankful for me.
I’m happy to live my life freely.
I’m thankful for this life.



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