One Day Can Change A Thousand Tomorrows.

I’ve had my fair share of trials. But today’s post isn’t about my trials. It’s about the utter misfortune that others face them as well and the realization that we all struggle — and one day can change a thousand tomorrows.

This morning I awoke to my phone buzzing due to the many updates from my numerous news apps such as CNN, Twitter, MSNBC, Facebook etc. I was expecting the usual report for the day. Something interesting to say the least, but what I read was unfathomable. 

20 dead, 18 children. The death toll was still rising.

Newtown, Connecticut woke up like any other day and sent their sweet innocent babies to school, not knowing they were sending them into a death trap. Not knowing it would be the last time they would ever hold their sweet child in their arms. Not knowing the devastation of their loss would not only be horrifying but rapidly growing and unable to predict whether the pain would ever cease. 

It doesn’t. Not as far as I could imagine. I’m not a parent. I’ve never had a loved one murdered before. But as I continue to check the updates and learn more about what is only a story to me and a nightmare for the families who are dealing with this loss, I cry. Tears stream down my face and the pain in unbearable to me. I can only empathize on how much deeper that pain is for that mother or that father who learned the truth about their child’s death today.

It didn’t become real to me until I took the time to take a lunch break and watched Fox News cover the reality of the shooting. Something that came up frequently was the question of “Why?” Why does anybody take a gun and shoot up a school, a mall, a theater?

I can’t be bothered with that. I can’t ask myself why, because I will go insane. I will work myself up until I can no longer function. Sure, as society, we’d like to know the motivation behind such a horrific crime. But at the end of the day, we will never truly understand what made that person pull the trigger.

Some will argue that guns need to be outlawed or people need to pass a mental health evaluation before registering a gun.

Some will argue that the school needed to have a better plan when it comes to the possibility of a school shooting.

Those arguments seem valid, but I believe that no matter how much we prepare — we wil never fully be ready for something like that.

There are some things we just cannot control.

My thoughts and hope go out to the families and friends during this unexpected tragedy.

I pray they are able to get some rest tonight.

God bless.



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