Define Marriage.

I’ve never been married, but I hope someday to find the love of my life. I’ve never had to worry about getting married. It’s always been legal for me…but for my father and for many of my close friends, it’s not a reality…UNTIL NOW. Let’s make this happen!


How can we define marriage? It’s really more simple than people are making it out to be.
Marriage is love. Love is many things. And it’s honestly none of our business when it comes to other peoples love. Let’s support it, not bash it.


The conservatives in Congress defending DOMA use the argument that if gay marriage is legalized, that the definition of marriage will change and would have widespread negative impacts …as if it hasn’t been changed before? Let’s go back to the time where men and women got married just to gain land, or achieve a higher status in their careers, or solely to reproduce. If we really want to get historical let’s take a moment to remember King Henry the 8th. Honestly? He beheaded most every woman he married based on the mere fact that she couldn’t produce an heir to the thrown. He would sleep with his mistresses and had several illegitimate children. Isn’t that proof enough that marriage HAS already changed? Marriage’s definition will change when homosexual partners finally have the right to marry one one another. Of course it will change. It will change our country. But not in the ways that many conservatives and religious people have been shouting at the top of their lungs. It will change our country by humbling us. It will bring us closer, and once again it will give the rest of the world another reason to desire to come to this free country. We will gain a status of equality. Love is love. And the rest of the world, but most importantly, the United States will be proud. We will shine and the fear and hate about gay people will slowly cease to exist. Just as there is still racism and sexism – there will be homophobia, but at least that law can be there to make it right.