Political Rant: Syria

I can’t count how many opinions exist in this world, but I do know there are billions at least. I am not here to destroy opinions, but it wouldn’t hurt if I happen to enlighten them.

War. The connotation for this world is more often than not, negative. I’m the last person in this world to condone it. I’m that last person in this world to call for it. But I do know one thing that have come up in recent events, particularily the event that occurred on August 21st, 2013, is that sometimes war is necessary. 

August 21st rocket launchers, filled with suffocating gas, was released from explosions in neighborhoods in Syria, killing more than 1,400 people. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters ,etc. People. Killed. Purposefully killed.

This is not right. I don’t care who you talk to. This act was heinous. Incredibly harmful and uncalled for. Can you imagine if President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. Military to release a gas that killed residents of America? Many Americans are acting as if he did from his news on September 10th, 2013 talking about his strategy to put a stop to chemical weapon use in Syria. Many Americans are fearful, but use little to no knowledge when it comes to backing their opinions on this matter.

Be smart about this. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be arrogant. Stop thinking that America is the greatest country in the world and we got that way by only caring about ourselves. Are you kidding me? We got that way by the help of other countries and many years of, yes, War. Unfortunately it’s not an easy option to jump in and strike. But it has been agreed and hopefully will continue to be agreed upon that chemical weapon use is illegal. The threat of chemical weapon usage is serious. It’s happening. It’s real. Syria is proof of this, and there are people dying for no reason at all for it. Why not fight to end this? Why not take a stand and remind the world that this isn’t right in America’s eyes. We will not allow another Holocaust. Isn’t that what  our history teaches tell us? Isn’t that what we tell ourselves? But are we willing to actually act upon it? 

I believe our President is taking a not so popular but necessary approach. 

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

This is honest and true to the core quote. It represents exactly what we must do as a country. Will we really do nothing and allow evil to survive in Syria? We have men and women who fight day to day to protect the lives of innocent people. Their sacrifice is noticed. And appreciated by me and every America who has a soul. I believe this is the right thing to do.

For those of you who are taking this out on President Obama, please search inside yourself and have some empathy. Can you imagine being put in this situation. Yes, the President has many things to take care of in the U.S. This is true, however, he must also represent and defend this country outside our border to ensure our safety and remind the world of their humanity and morality.

For those of you praying to God. Do so. By all means. I think God would be a great person to talk to about this, however, God is not the President. Just remember. But God, I hope, is watching over those in charge, such as our president, to make sure the steps we take are efficient and effective. I pray he is also watching over the many families effected by this awful crime. 

“We are not the world’s police” as Obama quoted in his Sep. 10th speech. We are not. But think of it like this. We are powerful, and powerful people/things make a difference. They lead. And others will follow. We will be supported through this by other countries. Join in and be a part of this support system,too.



One Reply to “Political Rant: Syria”

  1. I agree we should do something. I don’t agree that Obama cares, he is using this as a political move and immediately jumped at the opportunity to “get out of this situation” by latching onto Russian promises. People suddenly seem to forget that the Syrians don’t need those chemical weapons anymore, by all accounts they are winning their “civil war.” What American politicians are doing is trying to show they care without lifting a finger. Pathetic. 😦

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