Miley isn’t Hannah anymore.

My favorite thing in this world is to listen to others express their opinions about celebrities. I get a kick out of how passionate people get.

I think people forget celebrities are famous. With fame, comes pressure. With pressure, comes insanity.This is no excuse for celebrities to become bad influences, but that is all very situational. What one person thinks is a bad thing, may be the coolest thing to another. I think people often believe just because celebrities are put on a pedestal they are automatically responsible for behaving perfectly.


They are human.

With the recent events of Miley Cyrus, the word is out. She’s a “slut”. She’s a “whore”. 

Let’s take a step back. Madonna. Elvis.

I’m not in the slightest comparing Madonna (or Elvis) to Miley Cyrus. They are complete opposites. They are all their own people with all their own personality and talent. I simply bring them up because they were once looked down upon as Miley is experiencing now. Madonna and Elvis were both considered music of the devil. Sex icons. Whatever. And now…classics.

Fads change quicker than a baby’s diaper. People are going to love something one minute and hate it the next. That’s life. That’s the pressure celebrities encounter. They evolve with society and do the best they can to keep up and get the views they need to stay alive. To stay known. To stay famous. But also, to keep their fans excited and passionate.


So hate to break it to you…but Miley isn’t Hannah anymore. She hasn’t been for a long time. Get over it. Do you think she cares if you call her a slut? (by the way, pretty sure slut means someone who sleeps around, her and Liam were together for at least 2 years) She’s so wrapped up in her own passion, changes ,etc. She doesn’t have time for haters. She thrives off them if anything. You are giving her motivation to keep going. Not keeping her from doing what she’s going to do anyway.

Yeah. She looked ridiculous on the stage at the VMA’s. She knows that. She doesn’t need 50 million Youtubers telling her it over and over again and adding derogatory terms on top.

And about her recent music video, that hit a Vevo record (by the way), it’s unique. Sure. It’s not what we are used to, or looking for half the time. But that’s not up to us to decide. Listen to the music, watch the video (or don’t) and shut up. We get it. You hate that she makes out with the sledge hammer. You believe because she’s naked that it’s artistic. Or you think it’s disgusting, either way…at the end of the day – your comments won’t make her change it. It got the views it needed to to be successful. Her name is in your mouth. And she’s getting even more famous. What did she do that was so bad? Did she commit murder? No. So I’m pretty sure she can be let off the hook. 


And let’s be honest. We’ve all seen worse. Anybody watch TV? It’s filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. So instead of freaking out about music, music videos or one damn performance at the VMAs – worry about the amount of television your child is watching each day, or the things they see and hear at school. Things you can actually change.

Thanks for hearing me out.





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