Better than the dream: A poem.

Skittish and shy, I don’t blame you.
When you face everyday with a forming storm, you question if the sky is even blue.
Truth be told, the sky will shine.
When you capture a ray of light, maybe life will be better than just your prime.

I watched you walk the line.
I watched you dry your tears.
I watched you work for every dime.
I watched you release your fears.

Bitter and blind, the world blinked its eyes.
When you flew your flag out, you woke a tameless beast.
Stronger than before, the world saw the truth.
When you hoped and prayed for a better day, freedom reigned.

I watched you truly smile for the first time.
I watched you count your blessings coming down like showers from the skies.
I watched you sigh with relief from meeting people, so kind.
I watched you jump for joy as the world finally opened its eyes.

Loud and proud, people opened their closet doors.
When you held their hand, you showed them reality was finally better than the dream.
Cheerful and humbled, happiness was yours.
When you found your lover, and they found you.

I watched you walk down the aisle.
I watched you blossom and bloom.
I watched you prove them wrong, after running for miles.
I watched you explode into the sky like a firework, no longer crying in your room.

Happy National Coming Out Day 2013.

God bless the many who have dared to open their closet doors.
And God bless those who are still struggling to do so.
May you know you are loved, no matter who you are.


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