Dorms create friendships.

This year I attended the ever infamous Howl at Utah State University.

I think it was exciting based on the fact that I went with a group of friends that I’ve grown close with over this last year. We’ve really made an effort to be in each others’ lives. I couldn’t ask for better people to surround myself with.


It’s crazy to believe that I found them. It’s even crazier to think back on how it all began.

I lived in traditional housing my freshman year of college. I was literally dropped off at the curb to face the whole college thing on my own. My first semester I hung around my roommate and her friends which eventually turned into mutual friends. I guess I didn’t really allow myself to venture out. I was focused on school, and being away from what I was used to, little old Pocatello, was interesting to say the least. I was scared. But I unfamiliar. And that can be worse, sometimes.

I found myself taking long walks. I didn’t want to be in my tiny space all the time. I would go to class, and then take a detour back home at the end of the day.

And then I found the bus. The bus system was great. Especially for someone like me who didn’t have a car on campus my first year. I was able to discover the town of Logan, Utah in a new way. It was great. The timing of the bus system isn’t ideal, but if you depend on it, it’s the most important form of transportation. I know. I used it to get to work my entire first summer living in Logan.

Anyway – while living in freshman traditional housing my second semester. I tried something new. I would leave my door open as to welcome strangers. That helped. They would hear music and comment. They would see something in my room and like it. This usually struck conversations and this is how I met my amazing friends.

Kelsey lived exactly to my right. She had her own room. I met her my first semester, but we didn’t really “bond” until the second. I knew her and would say hi to her and occasionally we would go to the free concerts, plays, etc. on campus. We were concert buddies! We would sit out in the lounge/kitchen area and chat about whatever. I found out that she was from Seattle, WA area and we had that in common, since my dad lives there. I wanted to know all about it. She was so proud about where she comes from. She basically decided to come to USU because it was much cheaper than WA. This is where I also met Michael. He came down a few times to hang with Kelsey, as they were dating. He is a grade younger. But he’s such a light in our group. So funny, so honest, and so extraordinary. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s not the biggest fan of little old Logan, UT compared to big daddy Seattle, but he manages. And we all have a great day. I’m glad he’s here. I’m also glad Kelsey came here. She’s a fun, opinionated, interesting, smart, beautiful person. I’m glad I know her and that she’s one of my greatest friends here at Utah State.

Nicky lived many doors to my left. She’s dealt with a lot of drama since I’ve met her. But I feel like I’ve always had her back. And she’s always had mine. I think one of my first encounters with her was when I was sitting in the lobby of the first floor of my dorms, she asked me to watch her laundry while she ran to her car. I agreed. The second was when I was doing homework in the lounge and she came out too. We didn’t really say much, but her face was familiar by now. When we look back and talk about it, it seems so silly. We feel dumb. Haha. But maybe that’s because we are so close now. Eventually by the second semester things became a little clearer. Her friend, Kylie, at the time, and herself invited the floor to go to dinner. They were trying to be more social. My roommate were the first and last to take them up on their offer. Haha. It just became a routine where we would go to dinner together. There are lot of memories of going to The Junction just across our dorms. We began to do activities together like play games, go the the canyon, dinner, events on campus, etc. It was fun and our friendships were developing. I’m glad we met in Logan. We’re both from Idaho. And our paths crossed a few times, but we were never introduced. It’s crazy. We do the whole choir thing and break out in song occasionally 😉 I’m glad she’s my friend and we can talk and just hang and have a good time.

Soon we included Kelsey. She just has that natural ability to have fun which gets her out there and talking and making friends. We both have this desire to meet new people, so that’s what we did.

Living in that dorm was only bearable for one reason. Them. My friends. It was great. It was something I will always hold dear to me and remember my freshman year including mostly them.

Over these last 3 years we have gone through different changes, where we live, our friendships, our classes, etc. But it has only made us closer. I’m so happy to know them. I never really had “girlfriends” growing up. So it’s nice to have these friends. Yay for new friendships and old. It helps us all grow. I’m truly thankful for all my friends. Far or near. New or old. You mean the world to me.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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