“Happy Holidays!” “I think you mean Merry Christmas!”

With the season approaching, I’m already seeing the political correct debates beginning.

Honestly. I could care less if you came up to me the day of Christmas and said Happy Holidays.

The fact that YOU took the time to even say anything to me at all brings me joy. And all I have to say in return is, Happy Holidays to you, too.

Is it really so irritating to people that they can’t handle a few altered greetings during the holidays. I mean, it really couldn’t be a better “politically correct” greeting. It is a time filled with Holidays. So why not just accept the freaking greeting and move on?


I thought that Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,  Christmas, New Year’s, whatever, etc. was a time of thankfulness and joyfulness, and celebrating the best way we know how. With love. And appreciation.

But no. There must be someone somewhere complaining that the world around them isn’t greeting them the “right” way. All I have to say to those people, and you know who you are, is… Get. Over. It.

This world is changing. Holidays are filled with tradition. That’s great. If you eat Turkey on Thanksgiving. Congrats! You’ll have plenty of left overs for cold turkey sandwiches later. If you go out to eat, because it’s just easier and cheaper, Congrats! No dishes to clean. Perfect. If you put up a tree for the 25th of December. Wonderful! Who cares if Walmart calls it a “Holiday Tree”. YOU call it a Christmas Tree. And that’s all that matters. You’re not buying a name. You’re buying an item. That you can transform into something special and a memory to share with your loved ones. And if you can’t stand seeing the display of trees on sale with the title, “Holidays Trees” then go into the woods and chop down your own real tree. No signs.

But just because YOU celebrate something, does NOT mean your neighbor does. I think the concept of “political correctness” gets in the way of many people’s belief systems. But I think it’s there to help make people aware of others around them. It’s to keep in mind that we’re all unique and celebrate all kinds of things. And we’re not stuck in a boring world that has limits to what we can do or say. If you’re worrying about what someone is saying to you, more than what their actions are; then I think there is something seriously wrong with you. If you are offended that someone took the time to greet you during this especially joyous time of year, then I feel sorry you.

You’re now looking to be offended, and I can’t wait to be the one to do so!

Happy freaking holidays! Seasons Greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmaskwanzakuh.

I don’t even freaking care.

No, wait! Scratch that. I DO care. Because you cared. Cared enough to open your mouth and wish me well.

Thank you. And Merry whatever to you as well.

It comes down to religion. Let’s just say it. Commercialism vs. religion. It’s nothing new. Santa Claus verses Jesus Christ. Whatever the battle. It’s part of the world. And this problem, that people have freak out-blow up breakdowns about, just needs to stop.

It’s pathetic. It’s so sad that someone will honestly pick a fight, because the White House is now referring to “Christmas Trees” as “Holidays trees” Whatever YOU call it. That’s not going to change what you do with it and how you celebrate. Right?

And for those who hate it when someone who writes “X-mas”. And argue that it takes “Christ” out of it. Honestly. There are many different ways to look at that situation. First of all. Christmas is a long word. So lets just cut it short. Who cares. You get the point. I mean, come on, we’ve all written it on a cardboard box to put away our ornaments into storage. And second, Christ isn’t going to suddenly disappear completely from that day simply because a few people write X-mas out instead of Christmas. It’s a historical thing. A story that has been around for a long time, and at this rate isn’t going away anytime soon with all the Nativity sets that sell out each year. I think we’re going to be just fine. Don’t fret.

Whatever YOU do. Do it with the happiest grandest attitude ever! Be proud of what you celebrate, but don’t lash out at others who don’t follow.

Simply remember what this time is about, instead of getting caught up in all the wording.

Thanks for hearing me out.

PS: Happy Hallow’s Eve. 😉


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