When life gives you a lightning storm…

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be struck by lightning. It’s a feeling that I don’t actually want to experience, but I’ve always been a tad curious. I feel like it could light up a dark world in an instant, or it could strike down a happy sunshiny day in minutes.

I often look at life like this. In reality, I’ve been struck by lightning. It’s been a sunshiny day where I wake up and suddenly a storm settles down and sits right next to me. I have no control over the closeness of the storm. I have no control over how massive its damage or how merciful it will be. I can only wait. And that’s the hardest part.

When life gives you lemons…you make lemonade. What do you do when life gives you a lightning storm?

I’ve battled many battles in my life. No. I haven’t suited up and put on the armor…physically. But with my own challenges that I’ve faced, I’ve created armor from the support of kind friends and loving family. It’s funny when we go about our regular days and almost forget about our loved ones near and far. We get so busy and behind that it seems nearly impossible to reconnect with people. But in my life, I’ve gone days, months, even years without speaking to family or friends. And what surprises me is this:

In our darkest hours we will find light.
No matter how small, no matter the fight.
Friends will show their compassion,
And family will stand their ground.

During the times where we cannot help ourselves, is the time we realize what others are capable of. They will stop in their tracks and remind us how much we are loved. They may not use words to convey this message, but rather a phone call filled with silence just to prove they care. Or drive up and see us long enough to hug the hurt out of our bones.

I’m blessed to know how this feels. I ache for those who will never know.

There is something that comes from being faced with an unbearable situation. No matter what the outcome, in the midst of the unknown, we become the most frightened yet bravest person we know. And this is called courage. We become courageous, because we realize (from experience) that if we don’t pick up our sword and fight…we’ll be left on the battlefield.

In a way, I am thankful for the ugly parts in life – because I always come out of the storm with a light rain drizzling and a rainbow so bright and beautiful that in the end, I forget I was ever struck by lightning.

I am thankful for those around me and far away who light up my life.

You know who you are. With the simplest messages, your love has been heard.

Thanks for hearing me out!


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