Just another dance.

Painted black and white, there is no way out.
Or so it seems, beyond a doubt.
Go ahead, try to scream and shout.
No one can hear you, no one cares what you’re talking about.

Time is passing.
People are giving up.
They are giving up on you.
Don’t give them a reason to.

The dark clouds are storming through.
A man dressed in black stands by the pew.
Awaiting words that will diguise you in a different hue.
If only life came with a solid clue.

People are second guessing.
Time can barely remember your name.
Darkness longs to consume your dreams.
Don’t believe, it’s not what it seems.

If ever there was a second chance,
It would belong to you without another glance.
And this challenge we faced would become just another dance.
Where we’d find ourselves begging for another trance.

Life doesn’t wait for you.
It’s not something you can pause.
No matter how badly we pray for it to.
We must pick up our swords and do.

Shadows dance throughout the room.
They’re the only reason you’ve crawled out of your doom.
You’ve come alive, like a flower that starts to bloom.
They give you a sense of hope, rather than gloom.

We’re still learning to love.
You taught us how.
With every inch we wanted to frown,
But you gave us a reason to swim, instead of drown.



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