I don't want to say goodbye.

Your head is in the clouds.
You’re thinking too loud.
You don’t mean what you’ve said.
That’s what I tell myself, so I can go to bed.

You’re not thinking straight.
You’re not in the right mental state.
You’ve promised me things out loud.
You can’t take them back, like when you said you were proud.

My mind is tricked.
This isn’t something I’ve picked.
From the many roads I’ve been on.
This one feels like a pawn.

Will I ever get you back?
It’s out of my control, it’s something I lack.
I’ll swallow my pride,
But I don’t know how much longer I can hide.

All I know is my love for is you is strong.
And I’ve felt this way for so long.
So many questions, but I don’t ask why.
All I can ask for you to do is try.

I don’t want to say goodbye.
And if I do, it’ll only be a lie.
I’ll always keep you close to my heart.
And we will never part.



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