If it’s not broken…break it.

Lately I’ve been seeing the phrase, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s actually something i heard the former Mayor of my city (Logan, UT), Randy Watts say in a debate against his co-runner, Councilman Craig Petersen. Craig, who I voted for, won the Mayor Elect by a good 400 votes and will take office effective January 2014.

Yay for change!

When Watts said, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” I asked myself, yeah… WHY fix it?

When we talk about this phrase in politics, we aren’t talking about a perfectly good plumbing pipe that allows us to use water from the tap. We are talking about the way something is run in a government to help it function and work for the majority of its people. If it’s working for the city, state, nation…then it must not be broken; therefore, why fix it? Right?


I believe in change. I’m very into the idea of the underdog. I’m into the idea of new candidates and new people filling positions that have been held by the same people for 10 years plus. If you ask me how I feel about Congress, I’ll laugh. I’m sure many congressmen/women serving in Congress have used the phrase “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” a time or two throughout their careers. 

The problem there, is that there may or may not be something causing major problems that will start some kind of fire or massive explosion, but I do believe there are many different paths to take. This meaning, there is so many other perspectives to look at. After looking at one perspective for two terms or more, it gets a little old. It’s time for something new.Yes. It’s not broken. So it’s time to break it.

I find many traditional thinking people, who usually fall under a more conservative pathway, often use and enjoy the phrase, “If it’s not broke…” Yeah. You get it.

If you haven’t figured out already, I’m a liberal. I’m not ashamed of that. I believe there are flaws in both parties. But I know that based on my own experiences, not fixing something, simply because it has no need for physical repair, does not mean it shouldn’t be challenged or shook up every once and a while. And in this fast pace moving world we live in, why not break some things along the way?

Let’s shatter some thoughts. Let’s get people thinking. Let’s change the one, or two, or three party thinking. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Whatever you want to hear. You understand what I’m saying.

The phrase…the broke…fix it….don’t fix….phrase thingy that I’ve been repeating a hundred times, it’s just so overused, as you can see.

The people who use it are usually the ones who want to stay safe and sound. There’s nothing wrong with that, as a solution for RIGHT NOW. But it’s going to bite us in the ass in the long run.

We’re not safe. We don’t live in a perfectly knit world without crime, and horror and everything else in between. There will always be something new. Something ready to scare us out of seats. Something that will demand change. And the stubbornness of the “It’s not broke” crap is just going to interfere. It’s not realistic at all. It’s not going to help solve anything. The things we are unprepared for…the things that are going to bite us in the ass…the things that we won’t know how to prevent or handle…are all things that could have gone another way had the mentality of “It’s not broken, why fix it” was destroyed.

It’s a non-moving-forward-kind-of-thinking.

It’s something that if we stay in one place, safe and sound, not fixing what isn’t broken. We will stay in that one place, forever. And the quick sand will get us.


Thanks for hearing me out.


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