Turkey Day is not the only day.

I can name 4 things right now that I’m thankful for:

My family: of blood or not, you have blessed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe.
My friends: near and far, God bless you for your honesty, sincerity and guidance, you are forever on my mind.
My part-time job: a little money in my pocket, good co-workers, and time to get everything on my mind off for a good 5 hours each day.
My car: gets me from point A to point B, and everywhere else in between, I’m thankful for transportation. 

It’s that time of year. The day of the year to be thankful.

I am tired of hearing that. Honestly. Why set aside ONE day of the year to BE thankful. I’m thankful every damn day. I don’t need a holiday to remember that. I’m blessed every minute of every day. I’m not always confident about that. And I don’t always feel blessed, but when I take a step back…I remember. And it just flows. All my feelings. All my thoughts. I am just thankful. And again, I don’t need the last Thursday of November to remind me of that.

So that brings me to the actual plot of this particular blog.


To all those people obsessing over corporations who are open on Thanksgiving day. Get over it. It’s been happening for an extremely long time. Businesses need to make money to survive. And it just so happens that Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the day most people do their shopping. And of course there needs to be supervisors there. Black Friday is chaotic enough, imagine not having employees there to organize everything. And you know what else? Businessmen/women and employees have families too. And they need to support their families just like the rest of us. And maybe they are thankful they even have a job. So maybe they have to sacrifice a portion of that Thanksgiving day to work. So what. It’s not the end of the world. And most likely that person chose to work on that day, because of holiday pay. Or maybe they didn’t and they’ve made other arrangements to spend the morning with their family. Or the evening. Or maybe an entirely separate day. Because who said Thanksgiving is the only day of the year you can sit around the table and eat a crap ton of Turkey, watch football, and be thankful with your family? Turkey day is not the only day to be thankful.

Don’t get caught up in what society sets aside for us as a Thankful day. It’s up to us as human beings to remind each other how much we love one another, regardless of some holiday. Sure. That holiday is special. It’s my favorite actually. But not because it HAS to be, but because my family and I make it that way. We do what we can to celebrate. And we can’t always get together for the holidays. So we get together on other days. Other weekends. We celebrate when we can. Not when the calendar tells us to.


In this life, we can’t control every little thing. That includes whether or not a business chooses to be open on a certain day, or not. I’m sure, in a perfect world, every holiday from Ash Wednesday to Christmas would be reserved for those days only and there would be NO school, and NO work and life would be rainbows and butterflies. But it doesn’t work that way. 

So instead of complaining about people with jobs working on holidays.

Be happy for them. They have a job. They can provide for themselves. And for others.


And be thankful to spend time with them when you do get to.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of whether or not Walmart is open.

Thanks for hearing me out.



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