Proudly Pro-choice.


I detest the idea of Pro Life. As if it automatically makes the opposite pro abortion. As if I’m on the bandwagon going 90 miles an hour rooting for abortion, saying it’s the ONLY option.

It’s stupid really. There isn’t any other way to describe how I feel when I hear Pro-life.

So I will fight to be associated with Pro-Choice. I’d much rather call the people against abortion, Pro-I’m-going-to-tell-you-what-to-do-with-your-body-because-it’s-my-business-and-anything-you-do-that’s-not-God’s-plan-is-wrong.

But there are two things a little off about that.
1. That makes me a hypocrite.
2. It’s far too long to write out.

So we in society stick it out, and decipher the two sides with the words of :

Pro-life and Pro-choice.

What I decide to do with my body, is my choice. So of course, when it comes to the bodies of others, I will stand firm in that belief and allow that person the same dignity and respect to make the choice they believe would best work for them.

Abortion is such a sensitive topic. And I wouldn’t wish facing that obstacle in life on my worst enemy. It couldn’t possibly be an easy decision. But I’m thankful that it’s a legal option for those who want it. Because weather it’s legal or not, if someone wants to terminate their pregnancy — they will find a way to do it, and I’d much rather it be done by professionals than a hanger or a flight of stairs, as awful as that sounds.

I value life. I know what it feels like to lose a life. A very important life. And I also know how it feels to want to take my life. And it’s far from easy, and it’s the scariest feeling — but coming out of those difficulties in my life have only increased my value for life.

So of course, I’m not the one holding the sign saying, ABORT YOUR CHILD HERE. Because I’m not too thrilled about the idea. But I’m certainly not against it either. For those who need it. For those who want it.

I think adoption is a wonderful option. If that person feels they could emotionally and physically carry a child for 9 months and give that child away, than go for it. Do it. There are so many couples who would do just about anything for a child of their own. But for those of you who couldn’t. I don’t blame you. That takes a toll on you and your body to carry a child. Don’t beat yourself up if that’s simply not an option for you.

If ever I were faced with a situation like an unplanned pregnancy, at a young age…or if I were raped and expecting…or whatever the case might be –> who knows what I would do. I’ve never had to sit down and think about making that choice, thankfully…

But I’m thankful for my options.

When did it become the world’s business what I do with my body?
And when did White conservative males get to make decisions about women?


I’m disappointed that it has become such a blown up discussion in the United States, that we spend hours, months, half a year deciding on abortion laws — when we have hungry starving children to feed, and school shootings happening more often than not.

Our priorities are a little out of whack to say the least.

But I want to set one thing straight here…

Just because I believe in respecting one person’s right or choice over my own personal beliefs, does not make me automatically Pro-abortion. I don’t identify with Pro-life people. I think it’s a silly phrase anyway. It doesn’t make sense. And it somehow makes Pro-“life” people look like heroes. Because they were on the side that didn’t end in termination; therefore, they are in the right. But honestly, that’ s not up to us to decide. 

We can only make choices in our own lives. And we have no business fiddling around in the lives of others. We can show support and encouragement. But we cannot make decisions for people and we certainly should not bash or shame somebody, because they didn’t do what we personally would have.

So there it is. I’m Pro-Choice. I’ll always be an advocate for that cause. I’m proudly pro-choice. Because I know that something like Abortion, is not an easy choice to make. And I respect a person’s ability to actually make a choice. So whatever it is, I applaud you. And may you be blessed in all the ways possible in this life.

Thanks for hearing me out.



4 Replies to “Proudly Pro-choice.”

  1. If you “allow other people the same dignity and respect to make the choice they believe would work best for them” then why are you not allowing that choice for the child inside of you? To not be anti-abortion makes a person pro-abortion. If you are not for something than you are against it (in this case, if you’re not against it, you’re for it). No-one ever has the right to take the life of a child, no matter the circumstance.

    Just as abortion takes a huge toll on the child because it takes his/her life, it also takes a HUGE toll on the mother. She is usually left with regret that she carries with her the rest of her life and often-times the mother ends up with serious medical complications. In the end, the mother is harming herself more than she is helping herself.

    I am pro-life because I believe in giving EVERY person the same right to life that you and I have. The same chance to grow and learn and discover and love. And love is exactly why Pro-lifers fight for what they do. Because we love children and we love other people and don’t want any of them to be harmed. We don’t do it because we want women to have their “choice” taken away, but because we don’t want women to have to live with the pain and regret of taking the life of their child and because we want each child to realize the plan that God has for him/her.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to hear another perspective. I honestly think that giving up a child for adoption could cause a mother just as much pain if not more knowing they have a child out there they can’t take care of. That’s unbearable, just as much as the loss of the child. Just as much as a woman may regret a choice of abortion, a woman could also be thankful for it, because it provided them with the chance to start fresh. And make better choices. And have safe sex. And not make that mistake again. Or if they are raped, to not have to take on that emotional/psychological feeling to add to an already horrific situation.
      And if the “child” is inside a woman. It is her body. Her choice. And that thing growing inside of her that could turn into a living breathing thing…
      Does not have the capacity or ability to make decisions. Not at that stage anyway. And there is more than one plan. Not everyone believes in God. I believe in God, But what is the plan for those who don’t believe or believe another way? It’s all situational. And should be up the woman who is facing it. Not the woman down the street or thinks it’s against Gods plan. I’m not
      Saying what is right or wrong. I’m just saying it’s not up for me to make that decision for that person considering
      Thank you.

      1. I must commend you on your politeness. Usually when I discuss this with people, they lash out, which does nothing for their cause. So thank you for that.

        I would like to point out that “the thing growing inside her that could turn into a living breathing thing” is already alive. It is not a thing, He/she is a child, who is already alive and knows joy and knows fear. He or she is already formed in the Image of God, and surely if you believe in God, then you realize the importance of that. 🙂

        I’m not going to argue with you on this topic….I would however encourage you to please do some research on abortion, perhaps look up the process, and choose a side to fight for, rather than being kind of in the middle. With your calmness and politeness in discussing the matter, I believe that you could be a great asset to either side in helping to fight for their cause.

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