Free[r] than birds.


Sweet memories are hard to come by,
but I hold on hoping for a “hi”.
I’ve been dragged through the mud,
but it doesn’t change what’s in my blood.

I’m stronger than they make me out to be,
and I made the mistake for letting them known me.
But just because they knocked me down,
doesn’t mean I have to leave with a frown.

I’m losing myself, but that’s the best choice I ever made.
When I’m lonely and sad, I’ll push forward until I get paid.
All the days I lost hope,
you were getting high on your precious dope.

So we made sacrifices, and unkept promises.
Because a little change is better than none.
And I’m ready to refill my box of colors,
Brighter than all the others.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Were gonna be free[r] than birds, I bet.
Wait your turn and count your blessings,
We’ve got a whole book full of lessons.

I’ll make every day count – 1,2,3.
Because I’ll make choices that effect me.
And I’m not about to give up on this road.
It’s given me an outlet, I’ll crack its code.

* I don’t own the photo.


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