Party Person.


Okay. So I consider myself an open minded person. So on my Facebook page I’ve liked the pages of pretty much any and all parties that are established in the United States. So there’s the Democrats and Republicans. And Independents and Libertarians. I guess you could call me a ‘Party Person’ haha. Anyway. I really enjoy seeing the random posts, achievements of each parties, what they believe in and all the hilarious and not so hilarious meme’s they post.  But I like to keep updated so I like all the pages to stay informed.

Basically, I get far more annoyed with the conservative posts than I do with the liberals, because…yes, I’m a liberal. And I’m most likely going to agree with the liberal posts. But today was different.

I was soaking up all the Republican posts. But the screen shot above shows exactly why I was ecstatic with the Republican Facebook page today. Points for Republicans! Yay! haha.

I really enjoyed reading what people had to say. I’m assuming most who commented are conservatives. But that doesn’t mean they are bigots who hate gays. And I hate that assumption. I dislike that society accepts the idea that certain parties are associated to certain stereotypes. Sure. Due to politicians who claim one party or the other, and are for or against something, that somehow automatically makes the entire party associated with that belief.

And that’s not always true. And it doesn’t have to be. And even though these comments were simple, they make me smile and remind me that this world isn’t as cruel as people like to make it out to be.

I especially like what the Republican page responded with. Very clever indeed.


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