Songs called He.


My fears are safe here.
I’ll wake with a different view.
After this last tear.
I’ll run so far to forget about you.

This town isn’t mine.
But I’ve spread a million lies.
It’s about time I bet on a worthless dime.
Take a chance on meaningless highs.

When the world is begging for a light.
I’ve stumbled upon the shadows of the night.
And this is the last time I’ll sip your cup of poison.
Waking up to every last demon.

I’m surrounded by the strength you took from me,
Begging on my knees for a second chance to do it right.
And the stars are faulted between Lyra and Hercules.
Dancing across the Universe, hitching a ride through the night.

I heard you made it home.
But as far as I can tell, you’re long gone.
And that’s fine by me,
When I’ve been signing autographs over songs called ‘He’.

Adios mi amor.
Love doesn’t come ’round here.
Just empty hearts and songs about missed opportunities.
Where the battle ends, but the war still holds the keys.


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