The day that just went right.


I think we all have these days where everything just goes right. Where we are in awe, or shock, or complete dismay that our day is going better than planned. It’s rare and often feels impossible. I had one of those days today. I kept asking myself, is this real? Just when I thought something would go wrong, it didn’t. It got better.

Days like today make me believe in a higher power, even more than I already do.

I could blame the good vibes on coincidence. But something told me it was much bigger than just a few pieces falling into place…at the right moment…and right time. 

My dad arrived at my apartment around 8:30 AM today. The plan was to leave me his car while he attempted to drive my car safety back home. It’s about 90 miles to Pocatello from Logan. And throughout the past week I could barely drive 5 miles before my car began to overheat. It turns out there was a hole at the entry of the radiator causing it to not allow the fluids to pressurize. We filled the radiator with water. It felt like a lost cause. It looked helpless and hopeless. There was no way he was going to get it back to Pocatello.

But surely, like the Mr. Fix it that my dad is, grabbed 2 tampons and shoved them to cover the obnoxious little hole that created this hot mess. He wrapped the hole with black electric tape as tight as he could. He pushed the cap on, and he was on his way.

45 minutes had passed and I hadn’t heard from him. I took that as a fairly good sign. If he didn’t call, he must have been okay. Low and behold, he made it to Pocatello. And on less than a quarter of a tank. That doesn’t seem possible.

God works in mysterious ways. And today, it really worked in our favor. We are forever blessed.

The funny thing is, as my dad was traveling back to Pocatello, I was greeted at the park by two sister missionaries. I was hesitant. I was unsure. They were walking closer. I know they were going to say hello. Their reputation consists of nosiness and you’d think they’d have to be extroverts to master the missionary tasks.


There is was. It was wasn’t too loud. It was sincere. The HELLO I knew was coming. I had time. Why not let them in? It was a beautiful morning. And nothing was going to keep me from enjoying the sun on my skin. Or the breeze whistling around me.

I’m always friendly toward missionaries. I let them say what they need to say and I’m on my way. It’s not that I don’t agree with what they say. Most of what they share, I believe in too. But I don’t want to lead them on. I don’t want them to think I’ll commit to going to church, or suddenly want to serve a mission of my own. 

But they seemed extra nice. And I’m not used to seeing ‘Sister’ Missionaries, so I humored them. 


That’s all it took and we clicked. I was taking photographs of beautiful flowers in a secret garden that I thought I’d be safe from any guests. They asked me about photography. It was small talk, of course.

The next question was about General Conference, and if I had watched it. Luckily, I had…so I didn’t look like a complete idiot. There were sincere talks that I genuinely appreciated and I was able to converse about.

We talked about life and the tender mercies it provides. We talked about how God trains us to be victorious. Much like a sports game, the players train continuously to prepare for the game in hopes to be victorious and win! It was a wonderful metaphor. And it helped make sense of the trials I’ve been through. It helped me open my eyes a little about why it feels like one bad thing after another happens in my life. But like the sister missionary said, God is training us for our most victorious moment, whatever that might be. And I agree. God wants me to be victorious. 

It was a beautiful morning. And it was truly the day that just went right.

But alas the day is not over. My friend was in a bind. The night before she experienced an issue with her brakes on her car believing it was a similar problem with a broken hose she had before. She took it in this morning to get looked at. They replaced her hose and suggested that she flush out her system. The pressure was too much and ended up shattering one of her cylinders. The part wouldn’t be available until later that evening, but she had a flight in Salt Lake City to make and had to leave by 1 PM. 

Luckily I had my dad’s car, and I was able to offer her a ride. She was extremely thankful and expressed to me how good of a person that I am. That I have a good soul. And that she would do the same for me. It was an incredible feeling that still makes me smile. It’s amazing to have friends who appreciate who you are.

So again. IT was the day that just went right. I hope you’re all lucky enough to experience something like that at least once in your lifetime. Maybe it’s because I kept a positive attitude, but I think God throws a couple of those days out to people who need a reminder that they are good people, doing good things, and sometimes need a good day.Image




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