Puppy Love & Stuff.

I’ve never had a child, but if it’s anything like having a puppy/dog times 10 than I know now for certain how thankful ┬áthat I am not YET a mother, or at least not one that I have given birth to or adopted…that is human… I mean. Ha.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…having a puppy is the closest thing I’ve ever felt to knowing how stressful and scary it is to be a mother…but also how amazing it can be…to be someone watching over another living thing.

Olive at 9 weeks.
Olive at 9 weeks.

I don’t sleep past 7:30 most days. And I wake up in the middle of the night for quick runs outside for my puppy to relieve herself. My puppy eats, sleeps, and poops first. I go second. Always.

Whenever I’m home with my puppy, it’s my job 100% to look after her, discipline her, feed her, bathe her, play with her, train her…the list goes on. I think that’s why parents would rather us have hamsters or gerbils when we’re super eager for puppies as children….because they’re just SO cute! But they’re also ALOT of work. And I’m just now understanding that.

A close up of Olive at about 11 weeks.
A close up of Olive at about 11 weeks.

I believe in having pets. I think it teaches us about unconditional love. How to be gentle. How to be playful. And also how NOT to sweat the small stuff. My puppy is super playful. She bites, chews and eats everything in sight if I don’t watch over her. Which leads me to the main reason for this blog post…

She ate an entire Snickers bar and half the wrapper the other night. I panicked immediately because all I’ve ever been told when it comes to chocolate for dogs is NOOOOOOO. So I turned to Google. It’s my best friend these days, besides Olive (my puppy). haha. I put about a cap full of hydrogen peroxide down her throat and watched her unbearably heave and choke a little. She didn’t throw up. So I dig a little more and turns out that only certain kinds of chocolate and the amount of caffeine in chocolate is what makes it poisonous for dogs. After an entire night of making sure she was still breathing…I relaxed and realized she was going to be just fine.

Olive chewing...and chewing...
Olive chewing…and chewing…

But there’s more…

She ate a cooked chicken bone. BAD. BAD. BAD. It’s suppose to cause digestive issues, clearly, but more seriously can cause internal bleeding. So I turned to Google again…and ended up diagnosing my puppy with death. Wasn’t my brightest idea…but it’s terrifying to think your puppy needs urgent care. I freaked out a little more than I should. I overfed her soft foods, apple cider vinegar with wet dog food, spinach and gluten free bread. It’s suppose to surround any bone particles that can break off and cause internal bleeding. It’s also suppose to help with smooth digestion. I also rubbed peppermint oil on her little tummy. And then all I could do was wait. So I waited. And her first poop was green and slimy. But it was more solid then liquid so I felt that was a descent sign. There was no blood so I didn’t suspect internal bleeding…but I still kept a good eye on her.

Olive sitting beautifully at 13 1/2 weeks.
Olive sitting beautifully at 13 1/2 weeks.

She slept most the time after that. And she passed gas, but since I’ve caught her chewing and swallowing Christmas ornaments, paper, cardboard, clothing, random objects, I figured I shouldn’t worry too much. She’s swallowed half my house, basically. I know it’s not good for her, and I’m doing my best to make sure she chews and eats only her designated options…I can’t ALWAYS prevent mishaps…but at least now I know what to do…and how to help. I like to always try to treat issues at home before I call for professional help. That’s just how I’ve always been. And it’s worked for me. I like to try to relieve any pain I have before rushing to a doctor. For the most part I am able to handle situations…but I will always watch for symptoms in case things start to worsen.

I love my puppy. She is the greatest joy in my life right now. I don’t want her to be sick or miserable. And I want to allow her as much freedom as I can. She is so sociable, and friendly. She’s a tad too playful for some. But she’s good to kids, and so sweet to me. She follows me around when I’m home. She listens…mostly. And she loves treats and toys and the SNOW! Thank goodness, because we live in Idaho…and that’s just something she’s going to have to adjust too…which she has done perfectly! I’m thankful that she is a fast learner. She still has a hard time being gentle when playing with other animals, but for the most part it’s just playful intentions. She forgets how big she is sometimes. (which isn’t all that big, but compared to the kitty…she’s a giant)

I’m blessed to have her. And everyone needs to experience the precious joys of an animal at least once in their life.

(Left to Right) Ranger ktity, Abby girl, and Olive.
(Left to Right)
Ranger ktity, Abby girl, and Olive.

PS: Olive is an Miniature Australian Shepherd/ Miniature Pittbull mix.
And just FYI: Ranger is a domesticated short haired tabby cat
And Abby is a Chihuahua and Pug mix. A chug.