I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. God does not define marriage in the United States. The constitution does. Marriage is granted by the law. It is a piece of paper granted by a judge. But to many people and now thousands of LGBTQ it is a symbol of love. It’s a memorable day to unite. To become one. To be better than they once were. To be. Together.

We as a country have simply bettered ourselves as a whole today by making history and standing strong in an effort to unite and equalize our union. I’ve always hoped and believed marriage equality would make its way to my country. And now…it’s here. And it’s beautiful.

I’ve read stories upon stories of beautiful human beings finally uniting. And being recognized for the first time in their lives as a couple by law. As something more than just a phase. But a lifetime of love and joy.

Of course, marriage can’t possibly be rainbows and butterflies all the time. And I personally believe it’s something to not rush into and commit full heartedly…but nonetheless…it’s something that EVERYONE should get to participate regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, race, religious beliefs etc.

I know many religious people who are in support of this day. But I also know many who choose to look at this day as if something has gone wrong, or that our country is going to the depths of hell.

And to those people, I’d like to say just one thing.

Today has made it possible for the man that raised me to finally marry the man of his dreams. And I couldn’t be happier for him. Go ahead and keep your religion and your doctrine. Believe in that. That is something you believe to be true. And that’s great. Stand by it. I don’t expect you to perform ceremonies in your churches. Keep your one man and one woman doctrine. That’s fine.

But in the United States of America, religion is not the law of the land.

The Supreme Court is. And it made history today.

I’m so proud to be an American where we live in a free country made possible by brave young and women who fight for our right to live happily.

And I”m so thankful that we have a living breathing constitution that makes it possible for every citizen to enjoy those freedoms.

Have a beautiful day. #LoveisLove