I Am from You

-My sister and I wrote a poem in memory of our grandmother.-

I am from Christmas stockings made just for me.

From zucchini bread to pecan sandies.
I am from veggie trays and butter horn rolls.

From gathering around the piano singing Christmas carols.

I am from cross-stitching and card games.
From water babies and Barbie dolls.

I am from mismatched board games and secret closets.
From purses filled with “everything but the kitchen sink”.

I am from countless birthday cards written in familiar cursive writing.
From a perfectly made bed with a photo of Tom Selleck smiling back at me.

I am from shared hotel rooms with useless earplugs to drown out the snoring.
From carefully selected scriptures with my name engraved in gold.

I am from heartfelt prayers that always ran a little too long,
From knowing my Heavenly Father loves me by singing it in a song.

I am from strength and perseverance.
From kindness and acceptance.

I am from wise words of wisdom to humble acts of service.

I am from unconditional love that has no end.

I am from knowing your sweet spirit lives on.
God be with you ‘til we meet again.


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