Inches to Miles: A Letter from 18 year old self.

About 5 years ago I wrote a letter for a Dr. Suess scholarship that was suppose to be inspired from the book “Oh The Place You’ll Go”. I entitled my letter: Inches to Miles. I just recently reread it and found that I really wrote that for myself, even though 5 years ago I wasn’t really thinking that way. It’s amazing how much I’ve conquered and grown. I thought I’d share it for those of you who haven’t read it or would like to reread it. Thanks.


Dear friend,

I’m not going to lie to you, because that’s not something I can easily do. I won’t tell you life is simple and kind, because the truth is I’d only make you blind. The moment I met you I knew you were meant for wondrous places. Nothing can stop you including the judgmental faces. I want you to know I’ve never given up on you, because that’s not something I can easily do. You’re not always going to have me by your side. I hope you know when to draw the line.

Jump off cliffs, stand up for yourself, take turns, be blunt, and enjoy the ride. This world will surprise you and the only thing certain is change. You were born to see the best part of the world come to life. You are meant to be an example with not only your worlds but your actions; no matter how tough the classes with all the vocabulary and fractions, you’re not done yet so don’t stop here.

My friend, mistakes have your name written all over them, but that’s okay. You’re courageous enough to learn from them. If only it were as easy to jump or crawl under your trials, but to be honest you must face them head on before they change from inches to miles. You will meet people you adore, and with some you’d rather just close the door. This part of life may be a blessing in disguise and yet another surprise.

My friend, I’d love to hold your hand today, but I know you’re already on your way. You may lose this battle, but I’m certain this is your war to win. If you find yourself crying please know it’s not a crime. We all fall down sometimes.

My friend, the beauty of it all is you have the strength inside to find the light. You’ll make the decision to get up and fight. Perfection is not in the books for you, my friend, but that’s not what’s going to get you through in the end. Your bold personality and endless curiosity will take you on paths of unknown. You’ll be thankful when you see how much you’ve conquered and grown.

Regardless of the struggles you are handed, I know you will handle them accordingly. You’ve got a talent; therefore, you must protect it ever so cautiously. People will want to bring you down. It’s only natural to want to frown. I see a sparkle in your eye though, and with great purpose you’ll find another tomorrow.

You’re only just beginning your journey. Take this letter as your road map and know I love you, because that is something I can easily do.