10 things I’ve learned from college

I have spent a little longer than usual earning my bachelor’s degree, but then again I am an unusual person — so it hasn’t really bothered me. At first, sure…when most of my high school friends were graduating and sharing their grad photos all over insta — I certainly felt it. But if I have learned anything…. it is that:


  1. Everyone does things at their own pace. Life is not a race. And if you live your life thinking it is — you’ll always be the last one to the finish line. Nothing will ever be good enough. But…if you can literally take time to smell the roses — you’re going to be surprised at the opportunities that come your way. And you will discover what you are made of.
  2. It’s okay if you stop talking to people. Life is about growth. And sometimes that growth consists of letting people go. Some people were only meant to make a cameo in your life — and others are meant to stay for the whole show — and they will certainly prove that to you in ways you never thought possible. So if you intentionally or unintentionally stop talking to someone…it’s okay.
  3. Even if you can — don’t write your ten page pager 2 days before it’s due. Seriously. I am guilty of this. And no matter how many times I tell myself that I do “better” work when I am under pressure — I know it’s not true. Plan out your paper. Put some effort into it. Research the hell out of your topic. You will feel a lot better about your grade knowing you did everything you could to earn it.
  4. Go to that party. There will be so many times when you would rather stay in and watch Netflix — but get dressed. Go out. Meet people. Those people will likely become your biggest support system in college. Take every opportunity to build that support, because you’re going to need it.
  5. Talk to your professors. Use their office hours! Buy them a coffee. Pick their brain. They appreciate it more than you know. Plus when your teachers get to know you — it often reflects on your grades — and they are more willing to work with you. This also goes for TA’s and other instructors!
  6. Use public transportation. Not just because it is good for the environment BUT because you pay for it. And there is no point in driving around for the perfect spot — because you will be late for class.
  7. Get a job. It doesn’t matter if it is part time, full time, unpaid, etc. Do something structured that preoccupies you from school. It teaches you time management. It teaches you professionalism. It teaches you people skills! And those are all skills you can lose if you don’t practice them, so do it. And if you’re lucky — you’ll have a few more bucks in your pocket to spend each month.
  8. Go to class. Now that you’re in college — you have more freedom than you sometimes know what to do with — but don’t get in the habit of skipping class. It’s not cool. And it only hurts you. Even if going to class doesn’t seem important, trust me — it makes a difference. And if anything it teaches you discipline.
  9. Take care of yourself first. Believe it or not your academics are NOT the MOST important thing in college. If you want to succeed — which I imagine you do — get quality sleep. Eat nutritious food. Call your family. Hang out with your friends. Take a shower. Clean your house. If your life is a mess — then school is going to mimic that.
  10. Use your campus resources! You are probably paying for more than you realize with your students fees. Students have access to so much including health care, counseling, disability assistance, software downloads, cheap/free food, activities, workshops, seminars, research projects, etc. I could go on forever. Go out of your way to learn about what your college specifically offers. Take advantage of the support they are so willing to give. You won’t regret it!

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