-bucket list-


Graduate high school.

Graduate college.

Publish a novel.

Sing in front of hundreds of people.

Complete and record an original song.

Tour the White House.

Meet a U.S. President.

Campaign for someone I believe in.

Fly in a helicopter at sunset.

Get married for forever in a rustic barn. (Horses welcome)

Build my dream house.

Photograph a wedding.

Become a parent.

Travel to at least 6/7 continents.

Save a life.

Donate to charity.

Have a wine cellar.

Grow a fabulous garden.

Teach English in a foreign country.

Go on an African safari.

Spend time with Elephants in the wild.

Publish a children’s book.

Take my loved ones on a cruise.

Be an aunt.

Travel to all 50 states.

Attend San Francisco PRIDE.

Go skydiving.

Tour Pearl Harbor with my Uncle Brad.

Tip a waiter/waitress $100.

Swim with sharks.

Be debt free.

Create/Fund a charity for Veterans.

Rescue an animal.

Buy a car.

Make an important speech.

Travel to Ireland with my sister.

Attend my father’s wedding to his husband.

Photograph a same-sex marriage.

Move outside of Idaho/Utah.

Get healthcare coverage.

Start a college fund for my kid(s).

Attend a music awards ceremony.

Protest for something I’m passionate about.

Build housing for veterans, former convicts, homeless, etc.

Foster a child.



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