Below you will find “About Your Session” and “What to Wear” information if I am lucky enough to spend a session with you.

I have been interested in photography since I was a sophomore in high school. I have always considered it a hobby; however, I do my best to capture moments that people want to keep for a lifetime. You can view my work below.

Sam Averett Photographs

Here are a few samples:

{ Model: Jessiney P. }

{ Model: Kelsey H. }

Links for forms to fill out depending on the session you are interested in:

Individual Session
Family Session



Location: First things first lets figure out location! It’s entirely up to you, but I have a few suggestions depending on what you’re looking for.

Get to know you: Secondly if I don’t already know you/and your family this is the perfect time for me to get to know you and your vision for your session. I also want you to feel comfortable so I’ll do my best to get the most authentic you captured. Sometimes this means I will either let you do your thing — or give your direction if you look a little lost — that way we each get what we want from the session!

Say Cheese!: I’m not a fan of saying “Say cheese” or other similar phrases, because I feel this pressures those in the session to fake a smile. I’m looking for the authentic you and will capture it to the best of my ability.

If you’re sick it’s okay to reschedule. Honestly, I am pretty flexible and I want you/your family feeling your best during out session! Please let me know ASAP, 24 hour notice is preferable. 🙂

A little about me: I am a recent college grad who works with recovering adolescent drug addicts. I am hoping to get my Master’s of Social Work within the next two years. I live in Pocatello, Idaho currently. I am someone who loves to take portraits of people and capture moments that are real. I also try my best to create the vision of those I photograph. If you’re the kind of person who likes traditional poses, that’s fine. If you like that candid shot then we will go for it! I am 25 years young. I love my dog. I love the perfect balance between salty and sweet treats. And I love musicals. I enjoy writing, as you can tell from my blog. I try to post as often as I can, but that doesn’t always work out. I am currently working on a novel I hope to publish someday. Life is beautiful. Thanks for being apart of it!


If you’re like me and never know what to wear, especially while being photographed…here are a few tips!

(Also check out this Pinterest board I found to be very helpful for me! What to Wear?! )

Coordinate outfits: If you have multiple people in your session you don’t have to match, but complimenting each other’s outfits is going to help if you use colors that go well together. If you choose the same exact clothing to wear people tend to blend together so mix it up a bit.

Use colors & patterns: Colors pop and patterns make things interesting. This all depends on your vision, but keep in mind these are the best kinds of clothing. Use different textures as well such as lace, denim, etc. Also — logos, brand names, etc. can distract from your photographs — so avoiding this is best. Plus you’re not getting paid to wearing their clothing…or are you? 😉

Personalities matter: I want to see your personality and clothing is one of the best ways to do that. Get creative, after all this is your session! If you’ve got something unique to share then by all means do so.

Dress for season & location: Keep in mind the location you want and factor that into the equation. Think of the backdrop and if it will clash, match, and/or stand out. Also — wearing shorts in the middle of the winter is likely going to cause some problems, haha!

Layering: This is great during the fall/winter/spring months, because first off it looks adorable and can add to your personality — but also good for if and when the weather changes. Again, comfort is important to me — and it makes for a better shoot!

Makeup: If you choose to wear makeup, great! This will help you come alive a little. The amount of makeup will likely depending on the type of your session. Some products will add unnatural looking shine on your skin so be sure to use powder if you use foundation. But at the end of the day — do what makes you feel confident and happy!

Outfit changes: If it’s part of your vision to have outfit changes, please do so. I don’t charge additional for these — so please feel free!

Shoes: Please wear shoes that are comfortable if we are going somewhere where it requires you to walk often. For example: If you’re wanting heels — just bring them separately from your walking shoes and we can make the switch. I don’t want you to be miserable halfway through out shoot! 🙂



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