vis vires

I am often asked about the title of my blog. I guess I could just say “Google it” and you’d find a definition like the following:

The Latin Phrase Vis Vires has many meanings, mainly: (pl.) force, power, strength, might, influence.

But I’d like to elaborate a tad bit on why I chose this title. One being that I didn’t want just another title. I wanted something that would remind me daily why I even blog. Sometimes it takes more than an inspirational thought to motivate me to write. So having my blog titled Vis Vires reminds me exactly why I write for the public to see.

Writing helps me a lot more than I’m sure it helps any of my readers, but I’d like to believe I’ve made an impact in someone’s life – no matter how small. I hope I can light a spark in someone’s life each day. That’s my goal. And that’s why I keep posting on my blog as often as I can.

Vis Vires is mainly strength in my mind. I find strength in my life by the little things I remember each day or anything that reminds me of my beliefs and opinions. Sometimes I post about religion, and other times I post about the loss of my mother. No matter what I’m talking about, there will always be a positive message behind it. Strength. Power. Influence. vis vires.


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